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Everybody loves a good story, here's mine. 

Dana Baasiri

Founder & Storyteller

With a decade's worth of skin in the game, I've been blessed to have written and strategized for world-renowned brands in the travel industry. I love the creative process, and storytelling is my fire. To some, this feels like a chore. To me, words are my thing. 


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You're just a what?

Welcome to I’m Just A Publicist. We empower small businesses and travel brands to tell their story through emotion-driven messaging and strategic content marketing. We combine years of experience with expertly crafted copy and purposeful content to bring brands to life and create authentic connections with consumers. 

In other words, we help audiences feel drawn when interacting with brands. We're talking about an emotional connection, a sigh of relief and a "where have you been all my life" kinda feeling. A feeling that helps earn trust, deepen brand loyalty and increase sales. 


While we believe in the power of words and strategic content marketing, we don't live in a bubble. We understand that not everyone has the time, energy or manpower to invest in developing a plan — believe us, we've been there. That's where we come in. We fit in seamlessly and efficiently with your team to take the load off your shoulders through a highly-personalized approach. We ditch the cookie-cutter and go for custom instead.

Okay, but who are you?

I’ve spent a decade wearing many hats as a publicist in the travel industry and still counting—because are you even a PR pro if you don’t have a closet full of “hats” you have to rummage through on a daily basis?


Throughout my career I've dipped my left hand (yes, I’m a lefty) in everything from email marketing, web copy, sales copy, social media, blogs and more. I’ve learned the ins and outs of crafting narratives that not only build meaningful relationships with audiences, but create an emotional investment. 


My success stories span a number of accomplishments including lucrative partnerships, hotel launches, re-brands, new brand developments and award-winning social media strategies. All blue ribbons aside, I'm most proud of the bumps and bruises I got along the way as I learned the art of storytelling.


Over the years, as my writing and creative itch was growing harder to ignore, I left PR in my rearview and set my sights on the long and winding road to content marketing and copywriting.


Want to learn more about each other? Send me a note and let's connect. 

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